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Business intelligence web app for industry
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UX Strategy & Design, Art Direction

Project Description

Industry employees now expect the same high-level experiences from their enterprise applications as they do of consumer products.

One of L3A’s largest clients is a global leader in business intelligence, with over 30 years in their industry. The client needed to completely overhaul their extensive, PC-only, desktop application to bring it into the 21st century.

Our team dove deep into the discovery phase of this project to understand the wide variety of users from all over the world who depend on the platform to do their job. Some of them are highly technically proficient on lightning-fast connections, while others have unreliable internet or limited exposure to modern devices. The application is used by everyone from plant workers, suppliers, engineers and salespeople, to industry strategists and CEOs.

The redesign required simplifying and resolving the complexity of the product without limiting its capabilities and sophistication. The legacy product was so hard to use that many users depended on the client’s customer service representatives to use the tool for them.

While some tasks like resource tracking and supply-chain research are fairly simple, advanced analysis and forecasting activities have built-in complexities that cannot be dumbed down. Our challenge was to make the paths through all these tasks as clear and intuitive as possible.

Distilling our findings, L3A developed the top-down UX strategy, information architecture, and the complete interface experience from wireframes and prototypes to the final visual layer and first-time user on-boarding interactions.

When all was said and done, our team created a soup-to-nuts solution for industry-wide research, including one-stop access to financial analysis tools, benchmarking and what-if scenarios, CRM, mapping and graphing tools and a robust set of database query features.

The new tools dramatically improved the flexibility and usability, promoting increased access to the intelligence users in this industry need to do their research.

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