Project Description
A major historic site in Texas was looking to expand its digital strategy. They wanted to make it easier for visitors to orient themselves, understand historical context, engage with stories, and come away feeling like they had a valuable and memorable experience at the site. Our team kicked off a 4-month discovery and concepting initiative to assist the site in determining how a mobile app can elevate and enhance their visitor experience.

Collaborating with a top creative agency, L3A led the discovery and concept design phases for the digital experience. We collaborated with producers, creative directors, subject matter experts, and developers to outline insights and recommendations for a mobile app for the site.

Design Process

Sample Documentation

Visitor personas
We developed 6 unique visitor personas, identifying needs, motivations, goals, and current challenges that visitors face during their visit to the site.

The personas were meant to feel like real visitors with realistic behaviors and perspectives. Their purpose was to help the team evaluate future design ideas through the lens of real-world people and scenarios.

Visitor Motivations

After interviews, field research, and holistic research into museum visitors, we grouped the visitor motivations into 6 distinct categories. This helped team members understand why visitors come to the site, and what kind of digital experiences they would find valuable during their visit.