Mobile Parking App

When the majority of city dwellers and car owners carry a smartphone in their pockets, it seems silly to have to drag around a handful of quarters if you need to park your car on a metered street. And yes, some city streets now have those bulky machines where you can input a credit card… But what if you’re in a rush, or are too far from your vehicle to have to scramble back to refill the meter?

Working with a client in the Ukraine, L3A identified the needs of end users (the ones who wish to park their cars) and designed an experience that made parking payment as easy and efficient as possible. Our studio of designers and strategists crafted the modern way for people to pay for on-street parking.

In addition to the parking mobile app, L3A was also tasked with designing for users with limited tech. Don’t have a smartphone or an internet connection on your phone? That’s cool. Users of the parking application could also call in or text to pay for their parking spot.