Online Training Platform

One of our long-standing clients is a leading provider of online corporate training programs for some of the world’s largest and most successful companies. Our team has been brought on board to lead the entire restructuring and redesign of their products’ user experience.

This company deploys training to hundreds of thousands of employees around the globe. However, their legacy product offerings were out-dated, with many separate applications and numerous logins required to complete multiple related tasks.

To fulfill their training and education mission, the company needed to upgrade their online training platforms for end-users to make them feel like the modern, slick apps. In addition, this client needed help completely overhauling their admin tools in order to make them easy to use and accessible to the users outputting the training content.

L3A worked with the product owners, salespeople, support teams and other stakeholders, to create a comprehensive design solution that could bring their existing products under one umbrella as well as help them incorporate user experience design principles into their overall product design strategy.

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