Educational non-profit
Improving access to online education
Delivery included
UX research, content models, site maps, UX strategy, lean design

Project Description

An education non-profit was offering a valuable service to teachers, students, and parents, helping them find high-quality, free, online learning resources. The problem was that their site had growing pains and a confusing and dated interface. L3A worked with product managers and content team members to create a completely new site.

Using research findings, analytics data and qualitative test results, we created mental models, concept maps, task models and user journey documents to clarify an acceptable minimum set of requirements for the new site.

Working with an agile process, L3A led a design team in rapidly creating the UX and visual design for the site. The redesigned platform focused on all three user types and included new features such as a robust search, reporting tools, an assessment engine, and the gamification of the student experience. The approach was content first, prioritizing a layout that would be responsive across tablets and desktop computers.

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