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Lean design for communications tool
Delivery included
User research, including competitive analysis, focus groups, and user interviews. Design work included UX strategy & low-fi prototype.

Project Description

One of our long-standing enterprise clients had identified a need for a communications tool in their industry and asked L3A to help define, and then quickly design an MVP that could be released fast.

The goal was to be first-to-market with an innovative yet simple product that could be used to solicit feedback to improve and add to the product’s offering.

First, L3A conducted thorough research, including focus groups and interviews with stakeholders and target audiences. Our team also performed a competitive analysis to determine whether comparable products were already on the market.  

After analyzing our findings, we created a simple set of personas, each one an amalgam of the type of person we’d spoken with. With the concrete needs and wishes of these personas in mind, we then developed the UX strategy for the MVP along with a fully testable prototype.  

Our prototype allowed L3A to gather feedback and the designs with the people who would most likely use the product. The feedback was incorporated into our final designs for that development cycle. Working with the development team, we addressed data challenges on the backend to ensure that the designs were implementable and delivered on time.

We hope this case study gives you a sense of how we work. This project is ongoing, so we cannot give specific details.

We’d be happy to discuss how this approach might apply to your products and business needs. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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