Interactive film featuring Barbie
Delivery included
Concept development, UX Strategy, UX Design (wireframes, site maps, flow charts, etc)
"Best Interactive Content Series" – Digiday
Silver Telly Award for "Branded Content Craft-Interactive Video," and Silver Telly Award for "Branded Content General-Children"

Project Description

Forget boring toy catalogs – the Barbie Dream Floor introduces a whole new way for kids to explore toys by engaging with stories in interactive video.

The experience features live-action footage of hundreds of Mattel toys and immerses kids in an imaginative, interactive story with full narrative control (think “Bandersnatch” but with even more interactivity). 

Barbie DreamHouse reimagines
the future of entertainment and advertisement. 

With 33 possible narrative paths, dozens of Easter eggs, and an e-commerce experience for parents, we had the pleasure of leading the full-stack design efforts for this project and collaborating with some of the top creative partners.

Crafting an interactive narrative of this scale isn’t easy. The interdisciplinary skills needed for this experience were immense.

From the initial creative concept, to working directly with our talented writers to shape the narrative with 100+ pages of interactive scripts, to collaborating with art directors, cinematographers, set designers and producers on set, to leading animators, visual designers, editors, and developers during post-production— this project allowed us to take narrative and experience design to a whole new level. 

Our deliverables included:

  • Project scope and requirements
  • Design management and strategic planning
  • Concept development
  • Complex user flows
  • Experience map diagrams
  • Designing end-to-end wireframes
  • Technical specifications
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Animation samples
  • Mediation across content, design, production, development, and stakeholders

The Barbie Dream Floor is part of the larger “KidHQ” experience for Walmart, Mattel, and BuzzFeed.   

Sample Documentation

Full Experience Map
Sample user flow 1
Sample user flows 2
Sample user flows 3
Sample user flows 4

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