Interactive video experience for Walmart toys
Delivery included
UX Strategy & Design, wireframes, site maps, flow charts
Winner of Telly Award for General Branded Content

Project Description

The Walmart ToyLab is one of the most unique interactive video experiences for kids.

In the experience, kids can click on and interact with content directly within the video itself. It’s like a commercial-meets-game-meets-app-meets-interactive-unboxing-video.

Kids can select toys they want to play with, test them in the Toy Testing Room using the Funtroller, and then give the toys they like their official stamp of approval. Their favorite toys get collected into a wishlist that can then be shared with Santa (and their parents). There are also fun Easter eggs to discover along the way.

We worked alongside a talented group of producers, writers, designers, animators, directors, film editors, and developers to design this totally novel, gamified retail-marketing experience.

Awards and Features

Press: Winner of Telly Award for General Branded Content, 2019. 

Finalist for the Digiday Content Marketing Awards in Best Interactive Content Piece, 2019.

This project also appeared on Ellen, DigiDay, Campaign US, and BusinessWire.

“Walmart Toy Lab is the best thing Walmart has done all year,”
Forbes, December 2018 

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